Adding Xptp-Ptp pool

I saw Rev from Vector proposed moving the Xptp liquidity to Ptp. I think it’s a great idea. If they’re already on board let’s do it! This is purpose of “Ptp wars”

It Creates More volume. A new gauge providing bribes. providing the bribes in Xptp instead of VTX would be awesome also if it’s adding buy pressure to Ptp.

Higher APR for Veptp holders , if there’s new pools it spreads the votes.

The only possible downside I’d see is Vector controls a lot of Veptp, that’s a non issue. As the largest holder of PTP they have the most to gain by PTP doing well.
If they lower the apr on the stables and lose TVL It impacts their vaults more than it impacts Ptp since they are the majority on each pool.

Higher Ptp price = higher APR