How to create a Temperature Check?

A temperature check is a way to determine community support for your suggestion or idea. Follow these steps to create one:

  • Post a proposal to the Idea category on Discourse about a potential change, with a title formatted as “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here]”.
    An example: “Should Platypus Finance adjust the monthly emission”

  • Use the proposal structure provided in the Proposal Structure.

  • Community members can show their interest in the post by engaging with it, such as liking it, joining the discussion and voting on the pool.

  • The discussion will be considered to have passed the Temperature Check if the poll of your post has received at least 15 votes within the five-day discussion period.

  • If the Temperature Check does not indicate a need for change, the admins/moderators will close the topic. If it suggests a potential change, the process will proceed to Consensus Check."