Only One Stable Coin Pool

For bribe rewards, similar pools can be combined. For example, a single stable coin pool. Because for us, it doesn’t matter which stablecoin we vote for. We earn PTP in return.

The main problem: One stable coin’s ptp reward pool increases while the other stable coin’s ptp reward pool decreases and you have to switch votes.

Solution: Voting for a single stablecoin and not having to switch votes to earn maximum PTP.

For now, one bribe reward mapped to one asset gauge.
I guess you mean that every bribe reward emits to one asset gauge.
If so, what token will be the asset gauge?

Assume the token of that asset gauge is YUSD.
Bribe reward controls PTP reward emission in pool YUSD which affect the user willingness for deposit. when bribe reward increases → PTP reward emission increases → YUSD liquidity increases.

If Platypus emits all bribe reward (etc. YETI, MORE)to YUSD asset gauge, MORE MONEY may think that What is reason for me(MORE MONEY) to cost MORE emission to benefit other pool?

I just thought it would be more useful to have one PTP earning stable pool instead of five. For example:
Usdt 10ptp rewards (im here)
Usdt.e 8 ptp rewards
Usdc 5 ptp rewards.

Usdt 8ptp rewards
Usdt.e 20ptp rewards (I want to switch here now)
Usdc 5ptp rewards.

In this case I would like to switch to usdt.e pool for max ptp rewards. But the next day the rewards can change again. If there is one stable coin pool, those who want to earn ptp won’t have to worry if the prize pool has changed.

Usdt 10ptp rewards (for 100k veptp)
Just one stable coin pool with ptp rewards
Other pools can stay. Im just saying for stables

I don’t get it and I don’t think this is the right way to do it

:slight_smile: Im just saying: In Bribe Rewards “No 5 stablecoin pools, Yes 1 stablecoin pool”

Usdt 10ptp rewards
Usdt.e 20ptp rewards
Dai 10ptp rewards
Usdc 20ptp rewards
Usdc.e 10ptp rewards

Must be:
Usdc (or whatever) 15 ptp rewards

I don’t have to check every week to see where the most PTP rewards are.

But as you know that it depends on the weight of the pool for example : if i vote for usdt with 100 veptp now the monthly emissions for ptp in usdt will be 1000 and you came and voted for usdc then you will devide the commission between two pools this is the right way to do it and the only way and goes as is with bribes …

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