PIP #1 — Fee Sharing

Fee sharing is an important development that will bring buy pressure to the token.

Fee sharing has already been promised for months and it will reward long term holders that accumulated vePTP and who did not sell PTP protecting project liquidity and future. More than that it will increase token buy pressure and project valorization. Therefore there are only positive reasons to implement fee sharing as soon as possible.

How it would work?

Basically, the fees generated by the project or part of the fees generated by the project would be used to buyback PTP which would then be distributed by vePTP holders.

Next Steps
If the proposal is approved the team will need to implement the fee sharing algorithm and deploy it to production.

Temperature Check Link - Temperature Check - Should fee sharing be implemented as soon as possible?

Hello @zerohedge , please keep in mind that the consensus check should not be created until your proposal has passed the temperature check.
You can check the governance process here before creating proposal.
I will close and achieve this topic first. Thanks!