PIP #2 - Haircut adjustment (sAVAX, yyAVAX and ankrAVAX pool)

Adjust the haircut of sAVAX, yyAVAX and ankrAVAX pool to stay competitive

To enhance the competitiveness of the swap of the liquid staking pools, we have to keep an eye on the ecosystem and to keep our haircut competitive.

Haircut is very vital to us because it is the major revenue source of our protocol. If our haircut is the lowest among all DEXs on Avalanche, we can gain more fees while most of the DEX aggregators suggest using platypus to route their assets.


  • Engage with DEX aggregators such as 1inch and request integration of our pools.
  • The community can monitor the performance after the adjustment.

Existing haircut for sAVAX, yyAVAX and ankrAVAX pool:
sAVAX: 0.03%
yyAVAX: 0.03%
ankrAVAX: 0.1%

Suggested haircut for sAVAX, yyAVAX and ankrAVAX pool

sAVAX: 0.02%
yyAVAX: 0.02%
ankrAVAX: 0.02%

Next Steps
If the proposal passes both temperature and consensus check, Platypus team will adjust the haircut accordingly.

Temperature Check URL: Temperature Check - Haircut adjustment (sAVAX, yyAVAX and ankrAVAX pool) - #8 by psyduck
Snapshot URL: Snapshot


I think we have to wait until 1inch implements LSD tokens and Paraswap integrates the Platypus protocol for exchanging yyAVAX and ankrAVAX.

Did you communicate that the team was contacting the protocols and therefore I wanted to know if there were any developments in this regard?

Yes, but it can take some time to communicate with them, so it is better for us to work on both (reach out to them & undergo a consensus check) in parallel.

List of Aggregators:
Platypus Integrated:

  • Kyberswap
  • Yakswap (yieldyak)
  • Paraswap (?Platypus appears as an option for me?)

Not Yet Integrated:

  • 1inch

smaller ones I’m not sure about:

  1. thorswap
  2. bogged

Not correct.

On Paraswap Platypus is integrated for stablecoins and sAVX / AVAX but is not integrated for yyAVAX and ankrAVAX (for exchanges it only considers TraderJoe and PangolinSwap)

On 1inch Platypus is integrated for the stablecoins but the 1inch protocol has not integrated the sAVAX and yyAVAX tokens (yes ankAVAX)

so sth like this:
List of Aggregators:
Fully Platypus Integrated:

  • Kyberswap
  • Yakswap (yieldyak)

Partially Integrated:

  • 1inch (Mostly stables only)
  • Paraswap (sAvax/Avax only)

smaller ones I’m not sure about:

  1. thorswap
  2. bogged
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1inch doesn’t take into account Platypus for swap between AVAX / sAVAX ??