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One of the problems facing the Platypus protocol right now is the lack of interest in NFT. With the lock program we have seen a lack of interest in staking and consequently NFTs, I think it could be interesting to envisage using even two at the same time. for example think of using speedo + pudgy or two pudgy (two 16 pudgy could be worth as one 18 pudgy)… this could incentivize a purchase even for those who already own their NFT and also incentivize the stake program for newcomers


Maybe nft should have levels and you can level them up

I think the idea of being able to use multiple nfts is good. Platypus could put a cap on the maximum benefits for multiple nfts but as long as there was an increased benefit available for using multiple nfts it would encourage more use and trading of the nfts. Let’s face it they are pretty useless otherwise, so why not encourage their use more?


I was thinking that to encourage exchange and growth we could think of an incentive for the deployment of a team made up of all NFT ability (gifted + pudgy + speedo + diligent + hibernate) and according to the score six singles are entitled to progressive incentives

I agree there is something to do with the NFT and stacking.
Platypus could also adapt the NFTs to locking. For example with speedo reducing the duration of the lock.
The multiple nft could be good also. Make combination with 2 or 3 specific nfts. Make a mixer to be able to mix them into one that can be used for the lock.
There is a lot of solutions. Platypus should pick one and propose it to the votes.

The solution would be to give the possibility to create combinations that would create a new enhanced NFT to be staked. A new NFT could lead to a solution that could allow new functionalities together (for example speedo which increases the vePTP accumulation rate + pudgy which increases the vePTP ceiling). We should understand from the team before making proposals what are the possibilities that the current protocol allows. Is it possible to easily implement the presence of two NFT?.. is it possible to implement the possibility of two functions at the same time?..

When the team launched the NFTs, I though it may would end up in a game like Defikingdom. Unfortunally it seems the development stopped completly -.-

I agree we should propose to stake more then one NFT. All good things come in threes!

Maybe we also should start to burn some of our “1st wave” NFTs.
For example: giving two NFTs away to mint a second generation NFT.

For future we should work on the whole concept. We need some new use cases.
More depth like leveling, maybe a kind of farming game in memory of Crabada :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instead of being able to stake multiples I was thinking maybe burning NFTS to upgrade the NFT. Burn 3 green to get a blue, 3 blue for a red etc. Crypto loves scarcity and burning things.

I’d say this would immediately create a lot more volume and wouldn’t take a massive effort if there’s sufficient NFT’s leftover from the original mint.

Another idea would be item creation each time 3 NFT’s were burnt? Maybe those items just boost the equipped NFT’s current stats 5,10,15 and 25%?

That should also increase volume for both the item and NFT’s as people will buy NFTs to burn for items even if they already have the best NFT possible staked.

Merging NFT could be a solution that at the protocol level should be easier than staking two NFT.

The only evaluation would be to safeguard the rarest NFT… as the users who bought them have spent a lot also due to their scarcity… two 16 PTP cannot give the same value as a PTP 19/20/21/22 (where for example there are only 5 in circulation).

That’s why I was also thinking of a team where you can field up to 5 NFT (one per type) which gives you the possibility of having an NFT proportionate to the value of the team… this continues to give value to rare NFT and brings buying pressure to try to improve the team and therefore the value of the new NFT.

This would continue to give rare NFT holders an advantage as well as bring greater buying pressure as everyone will have an incentive to buy 5 NFTs.
Without going to burn low-value NFT which could still be useful for new users who initially do not want to invest high amounts.

The contract of our NFT is non-upgradable, so there will be some restrictions on develop new feature for our NFT.

Then it would be the case that some parameters are indicated to evaluate the possible modifications or possibly what have you already evaluated as an implementation?

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Hej BobbythePlatypus,

your answer is really not accetpable.
The project should have ALWAYS full controll of the code.
How it should not be upgradable?!

We want to continue with the NFT project and you blocked it by default.
Please give us the reasons. We need find a solution to resolve it.

Kindly regards,