Temperature Check - pool based earning addresses

Different addresses for receiving the earnings from the respective pools allow better organizing and distributing your rewards.

as i have been a veptp holder since the beginning. I suggest that you can optionally specify a dedicated wallet address for each pool. This would allow, for example, to deliver your earnings to friends and family, as this is lucrative to stake my account (high veptp amount) and you will then receive the rewards on your wallet. E.g. friend sends me 1000 dollars as USDC on my wallet I stake on platypus only the reward is paid out on his wallet (configuration of the optional wallet for the usdc main pool here in the example)

Next Steps
After Tempurature Check is approved a Consensus Check Proposal in snapshot will be published and voted. If the proposal is approved the team will need to implement the pool based earning addresses and deploy it to production.

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I don’t get it mate.

So basically when you stake your stables; when you claim your rewards you wanted to be sent to your friend ?

Is that it because i don’t get it either…

Exactly it’s about being able to store dedicated reward addresses for respective farms

Seems like a low priority feature to me. I dont see much value in it.


Same here, i don’t find this feature useful to me.

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Better things to be doing than this

Kind cool but not important tight now