Temperature Check - Proposal to Implement an xPTP-PTP Factory Pool


This proposal would open an xPTP-PTP factory pool on Platypus. Enabling liquidity providers to move their funds from Trader Joe to a Platypus Pool would simplify the staking process for liquidity providers, drive cross-user traffic between Vector and Platypus, and generate additional protocol fees.


Currently, the xPTP-PTP pair is traded on Trader Joe. As noted above, migrating this liquidity to Platypus Finance would not only attract more users and increase fees but also simplify the staking process for liquidity providers by allowing them to stake PTP or xPTP tokens individually. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of impermanent loss.

It is rather ironic that two partnering protocols—Platypus and Vector Finance—currently direct users to a competing DEX to trade their own tokens. This undermines the purpose-built AMM design specifically tailored for stablecoins, liquid wrappers, and derivative pairs like this. Thus, this proposal underscores the efficient use of the AMM design.


The proposed actions include:

  1. Creation of an xPTP-PTP factory pool on the Platypus Finance platform.

Will you support this proposal?

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The implementation of the XPTP / PTP pool would not lead to many commissions as the current exchanges are very low but it would improve the splitpage by lowering the commissions which are currently 0.3% on traderjoe (indeed the % of the commissions I would return to the stakers to give a bigger incentive).

But everything should be coordinated with Vector Finance as they should imprint LP Platypus contract on their platform (the incentive is given by depositing LP-PTP/XPTP on their platform with 50% apy), otherwise no one would move LPs from Traderjoe to Platypus.

Of course they would need to buy off on it haha. But I suspect they would.

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Hey, just a reminder that a poll is essential for taking a temperature check to indicate the community’s sentiment on the proposal.
I’ve added a poll to your thread. :+1:

Bobby the poll has 1 option only … yes ??

If you don’t agree with the proposal, you don’t have to vote on the poll. Instead, you can leave a comment in this thread to express your opinion ;).

Not all people going to comments

I prefer adding yes or no

I created a new Topic about this. I didn’t realize it had been brought up. @BobbythePlatypus @MrDuckbill @MrOtterfoot When can we get this implemented? Or voted on.