Stabil Swap Transaction Fees

I often notice this on Paraswap, particularly when you’re exchanging a relatively small amount of stablecoins, such as a couple of hundred. The fees on Platypus are slightly higher compared to some other applications. As a result, we might not be able to take advantage of the trading volume effectively.

On 1inch and paraswap the best is Platypus Finance.

On very small transactions, the Platypus Finance contract could affect the cost of the transaction.

On higher transactions, the liquidity present in the pools affects which could unbalance the coverage and therefore the rebalancing penalties or rewards have a greater impact

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What I’m writing all the time is that the protocol needs to be able to implement some swaps on some aggregators.

Swap aggregators that do not take Platypus into consideration:

  • sAVAX / AVAX to 1inch
  • all stables (usdt / usdc, etc…) on OpenOcean
  • alternative AVAX staking (yyAVAX, ankAVAX, etc…) on Paraswap

They are all volumes and commissions that could go to Platypus !!!


I agree, write an post explaining this and let’s vote on it …

We are communicating with 1inch team on integrating our sAVAX pool.
I will double confirm with @MrVenom and see if we hve connected with OpenOcean and paraswap on integrating mentioned pools.

An update from team:

  • We have submitted a integration request to paraswap for our alt pools
  • We will contact open ocean team to ask them to integrate our new main pool

There are no news yet… the 1inch team has no intention of implementing?.. or can you update us on the status of the requests with the various protocols? A thousand thanks

Hey, we keep pinging 1inch team for that since a month ago, it seems that they are currently busy with other priority tasks atm and gonna update it later.