Start fee sharing

The fee sharing was all ready to go before the hack, so why can’t it be started again. There is little enough benefit of buying or holding PTP at the moment. At least fee sharing might invigorate some interest in the token.


I agree, created a temperature check for this.

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I think fee sharing is related to USP so if u want fee sharing u need to enable USP

It is not necessary to implement USP.

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Not related to USP.
USP just seemed like a vanity project, which has brought us all this trouble.
Platypus was doing well (relatively) until they decided to re-invent the wheel just for the sake of “something new”

The way that they wanted to introduce fee sharing was connected with usp; now if you want fee sharing enabled you need to disconnect it from usp which will take some development …

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Yep we need fee sharing to be turned on ASAP.