Deploy Platypus to Arbitrum

Platypus tech and parts of the platform UI appear to have been copied by the Wombat team and deployed on Aribtrum. Wombat now has over $45MM in TVL…go check it out…it’s basically Playtpus: No reason that Playtpus should give up market share and should immediately deploy cross-chain to Arbitrum…driving volume and fees for vePTP holders.

I’m not sure if it’s the best choice as it would dilute PTP more and I don’t think it’s a strong token outside of avalanche right now…

Doesn’t have to dilute…look at what TJ did going to Arb and BNB…zero token dilution…just used layer zero/OFT tech. I think the unfortunate thing here is that maybe Platypus was asleep at the wheel because basically literally copied them and deployed to Arb…with great success. That should be us!

They copied platypus and changed the curve (Wombat Exchange and Platypus Finance… What’s the Difference? | by Wombat Exchange | Wombat Exchange | Medium)…however you have to issue additional PTP monthly as APR. while Traderjoe has the advantage of distributing commissions as a reward for staking

PS: MrDuckbill advisors: Wombat Exchange

I don’t think it’s a good time for us to go to Arb. Curve, TJ, and Wombat have already been deployed on it, so it would be too challenging for platypus to do so. And our PTP rewards will be diluted as they will provide some kind of rush program campaign.

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They basically changed a constant in the algorithm. Not a good look IMO that Duckbill was an advisor…would be like a Coke CEO advising Pepsi on how to deploy a Coke-type product in a new market…

Ok so maybe some emissions would have to issued…but the gain is growing the size of the pie and revenue to issue to vePTP holders. In terms of it being challenging why? 90% of the work is likey done!