Platopia Revival

This post is made to discuss the temperature check proposal below :

This suggestion aims to assess the community’s interest in upgrading Platopia, the virtual world designed for Platypus NFTs, and explore the potential benefits for $PTP token holders and Platypus NFT holders. The proposal presents the motivation for the upgrade, the proposed enhancements, and the next steps if the temperature check passes. The goal is to strengthen the value of the Platypus Finance ecosystem, increase user engagement, and foster a more vibrant and interactive experience for NFT holders.

As the integration of NFTs within the DeFi space continues to gain traction, the need for innovative and engaging virtual spaces like Platopia becomes more evident. Upgrading Platopia will benefit the Platypus Finance ecosystem, $PTP token holders, and Platypus NFT holders by:

  1. Enhancing the user experience, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging users to explore and interact with the virtual world.
  2. Increasing the utility and value of Platypus NFTs, as they become more deeply integrated with the upgraded virtual world.
  3. Attracting new users to the ecosystem and boosting demand for both $PTP tokens and Platypus NFTs.
  4. Encouraging innovation and collaboration among creators, developers, and the community, leading to the development of new features and experiences within Platopia.
  5. Opening up new revenue streams for the platform, while offering financial incentives for users through the trading, staking, and governance of NFTs.

The proposed upgrade of Platopia would involve:

  1. Enhancing the visual design, user interface, and overall aesthetics of the virtual world to create a more immersive and engaging experience for users.
  2. Developing new interactive features and in-world experiences, such as customizable virtual spaces, landmarks, and events.
  3. Introducing staking, lending, and borrowing mechanisms tied to NFTs within the virtual world, allowing users to leverage their digital assets for financial gains.
  4. Implementing governance mechanisms, enabling NFT holders to participate in decision-making processes and shape the future development of Platopia.
  5. Establishing partnerships with other projects in the DeFi and NFT space, fostering cross-chain collaborations and increasing the visibility of Platypus Finance.

Should the proposal passed both temperature check and consensus check, the following steps will be undertaken:

  1. Form a working group consisting of developers, designers, and community members to oversee the upgrade of Platopia.
  2. Develop a detailed roadmap outlining the project milestones, anticipated timelines, and resource requirements.
  3. Solicit community feedback and ideas to ensure the upgrade aligns with the needs and expectations of the Platypus Finance community.
  4. Seek partnerships and collaborations with other projects, artists, and creators in the DeFi and NFT space to enhance the virtual world experience.
  5. Launch a marketing campaign to promote the upgraded Platopia, attract new users, and create a buzz around the initiative.


  1. Platypus Finance NFTs: Information on the existing Platypus NFT collection and its integration with the Platypus Finance ecosystem.

If companies like facebook, who have thrown billions into the metaverse, cannot get it to generate any interest (let alone profitability) then why on earth should we be wasting resources on this nonsense.
People don’t come to defi to play games, they come to invest with serious and professional teams. Platopia is just another vanity project that does nothing to enhance or grow the token value - which is what we are all here for.


Hey! @kriddo thanks for wrting this up.

just have a couple of question btw really like the idea of bringing platiopia back to live.

  1. How should the working group be selected?
  2. With features still being worked on and delays like fee sharing is it the rigth time to be focusing on Platopia?
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For me Platopia is lower priority. Not against doing something with it but there is more important work to be done now.

Hey APE, i think the working group should be chosen by Platypus team.
Priority-wise, even if fee sharing and USP are top priorities, i guess putting platopia enhancements on the table now will let the team have some time to figure out what is achievable and how.

Main thing i’m looking for is the NFTS leveling that was teased in the NFT whitepaper.

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I agree that something could be done with platopia. Land buying is popular. But this might be an end game work after everything else is set (fee sharing, nft utility,…)

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