How to create a Consensus Check?

A Consensus Check is the formal discussion step for a proposal. Follow these steps to perform a consensus check:

  • Adjust your proposal based on feedback from the Temperature Check. Create a new Discourse topic titled "PIP # — [Your Title Here]" in the Consensus Check category to notify the community that your proposal passed the Temperature Check. Link the discussion thread to the Temperature Check thread. Admins/moderators will remove any topics not meeting the Temperature Check.

  • Make sure you have added your thread under the suitable sub category: New listing, New feature or Protocol management

  • Contact the admin to create a new Snapshot poll for your proposal by mentioning @admins in your post reply. It is important to provide the following information in your post reply: The Proposal content, Relevant links, Temperature Check thread and Consensus Check thread.

  • The Snapshot vote will last for seven days. Make sure you have added the snapshot poll URL to your Consensus Check thread.

  • Respond to questions on the Consensus Check topic while remaining impartial.

  • At the end of the voting day, the option with the majority of votes wins and is considered to have passed the proposal. For the Consensus Check to pass, it needs more than 50% yes-vote and a 30M vePTP yes-vote quorum. After passing the consensus test, a one-day timelock will be put in place before executing the proposal.

  • If the option “Make no change” wins, the Consensus Check topic will be closed by admins/moderators.