How to develop a community proposal

As a component of Platypus Finance’s governance process, community members can submit a Community Proposal to the forum and engage in commenting and discussing it. To facilitate constructive feedback from the community, proposals must include the following components in the specified order:

Proposal Structure:

  • Title: Clear and appropriate titlel, Temperature Check - [Your Title Here]

  • Abstract: A brief summary of your proposal’s key points.

  • Motivation: A detailed explanation of the proposal’s purpose and how it would benefit the Platypus Finance community. The more informative and specific, the better.

  • Specification: A clear and specific description of the proposal’s technical details and implementation.

  • Next Steps: An explanation of what will happen next after the Temperature Check is passed, including any necessary Snapshot links.

  • References: Any sources or references that support your proposal’s arguments and points.

Next, add the poll to your post.

  • Click the gear icon image in the text editor.
  • Click Build Poll